Located in the Humanities building at San Diego State University campus, the Humanities building consists of 2 separate buildings joined by open-air walkways and a courtyard in the center. The courtyard was refurbished around 2007 when the Arts & Letter Building was completed on the east side of campus. The Instructional Technology Services department uses Room 1132 for daily staff meetings and meetings with external clients. On rare occasion, ITS Student Assistants and other SDSU students use the room, but no classroom instruction takes place in the conference space.

We were presented with a $50,000 budget for remodeling the current space into a learning space that would also be conductive to holding conferences for SDSU staff. Some existing elements of the room needed to be included, such as a 70” HDTV display, a webcam, and an existing white board. The room was also equipped with NRC 55 acoustic ceiling tiles. Due to budget constraints, we were asked to incorporate the current tiles into the new design. The room is in the inner part of the building, not allowing for any natural light.

You can review the full proposal for the SDSU Conference & Learning Space here.

    Target Audience:
  • Instructional Technology Services Staff at San Diego State University (internal)
  • Clients (external)
  • ITS Student Assistants