I was approached by a client looking to create an online training portal (for adult learners) to prepare students for a variety of security-related certification exams, such as the CA "Guard Card," CPR & First Aid, the CA Pepper Spray Permit, the CA Baton Permit, SB1626 School Campus Security, and more.

The resulting training portal, Arc Angel Defense, can be visited here: www.aadefense.com

The platform offers a number of courses that can be completed online, on a desktop computer, or on a mobile device. Students automatically receive "certificates of completion" based on finishing the online lessons and passing the practice exams in the courses. Students pay the client for access to these courses via a subscription system (per course), and their subscriptions expire and can be renewed at preset intervals.

The platform also includes a calendar events system, which allows students to pre-register for (and pay for) in-person (live) trainings hosted by the client. Students pay for both online and in-person courses via a shopping cart system on the site (supported by PayPal).

And finally, it includes a job "application" form, where students who have received their certification can submit their information to inquire about potential employment opportunities.